Naturo Nitro Incinerator Fat Burning Supplement with CapsimaxTM By - Designed for Weight Loss and Mental Focus - A Single, Pre-breakfast Capsule for Serious Day-long Appetite and Weight Control - Ten Clinically Proven, Fat-melting Super-stars,

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  • Three keys to Naturo Nitro fat loss: (1) abundance of energy, (2) accelerated body-wide thermogenesis for precise targeting of stubborn isolated fat deposits, and (3) lasting, all-day appetite and calorie control. The Incinerator from Naturo Nitro delivers on all counts. Like a covert special ops team, Capsimax utilizes OmniBead encapsulation technology to slip an army of thermogenic, fat-destroying warriors called capsaicinoids into the body without oral and gastric irritation. In animal and human studies, capsaicinoids like those found in the Incinerator formula have been shown to help manage appetite, support healthy metabolism, induce and accelerate thermogenic energy expenditure in the body, and help support lipolysis.
  • Naturo Nitro's fat-burning formula, Incinerator, provides a healthy dose of a standardized extract of yohimbe bark extract. This well-researched health discovery supports robust lipid mobilization and increased thermogenesis. In studies, yohimbine has been shown to stimulate fat loss and increased energy. Higenamine, a substance found naturally in the seeds of the mystical lotus plant (Nelumbo nucifera) has been shown to stimulate beta-adrenergic receptors (β-AR), which helps enhance lipolysis and thermogenesis.
  • Bacopa monnieri in the Incinerator formula, the same stuff that clears the mind and imparts near-photographic memory skills, supports significant weight loss and fat burning as it has been shown to significantly boost production of the thyroid hormone T4. L-Carnitine in Naturo Nitro's Incinerator revs up high-intensity work capacity, increasing athletic performance, speeding post-workout recovery, but most importantly carnitine pushes fat into cells for energy creation. The more carnitine you have in your muscle tissue, the greater your thermogenic fat-burning profile.
  • Synephrine in Incinerator, an alkaloid found naturally in some plants and animals, stimulates the ‘fat loss’ beta-3 receptors, which have the greatest impact on fat loss. Synephrine supports increased fat loss without significantly increasing blood pressure and heart rate. It is a synergistically-friendly thermogenic standard. The Chinese herb, huperzia serrata, or the club moss, has long been used to stimulate mental alertness and has been proven effective in improving cognitive and memory abilities in humans. During periods of weight loss, huperzine may modulate and improve appetite control management issues.
  • Two synergistically paired, naturally occurring brain stimulants, Beta Phenylethylamine and R-Beta Methyl Phenylethylamine ‘hot wire’ the brain, amplifying neurotransmitters for amazing mental and physical performance improvements. An anhydrous form of caffeine in Incinerator acts as a synergistic trigger, enhancing the lipolytic and thermic effects of other ingredients. In addition to providing a short-term “boost” in energy, caffeine may help boost metabolic capacity and ameliorate risk factors related to obesity and poor health.
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