Viva Labs Vitamin-D3 5000 IU: High Potency, Naturally Derived, GMO-Free, 360 Softgels

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  • Naturally Occurring Quali┬«-D - Viva Labs Vitamin D is a non-GMO source of vitamin D, naturally sourced from sun-soaked lanolin (sheep wool). Lanolin is an abundant source of vitamin D, providing a non-synthetic form of this essential vitamin.
  • High Potency - studies have shown that the average adult benefits from 5,000IU per day. Each softgel of Viva Labs Vitamin D provides 5,000 IU in a small and easy-to-swallow softgel, helping to restore vitamin D not easily obtained through the diet.
  • Superior Form of Vitamin D - vitamin D3 is clinically shown to be more biologically active than its less absorbable counterpart, vitamin D2. Viva Labs Vitamin D3 offers increased potency and stability and is used more efficiently by the body for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.
  • "Sunshine Vitamin" - renowned as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D not only promotes a positive sense of well-being, but also assists with the maintenance of healthy-looking skin and stronger bones and teeth.
  • Viva Labs Vitamin D is non-GMO and free of yeast, sugar, soy and preservatives. Non-GMO olive oil increases the absorption of vitamin D rather than GMO soybean oil commonly found in vitamin D supplements.
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